An Amish Love: Healing Hearts/What the Heart Sees/A Marriage of the Heart (Inspirational Amish Anthology) by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, Kelly Long

What would one give to live the simplistic life of the Amish?

One doesn’t get to be accepted into a community with such love as Joseph does in A Marriage of the Heart by: Kelly Long. Joseph comes home, back to the Amish community, to only be coerced into marrying Abigail.

To think that a marriage began from a lie, most would say it won’t last. However, Abby and Joseph ask the Lord for guidance in helping them overcome their own demons and help them throughout this course.

The love of family and friends is something that some of us may not have. Yet, Kelly Long has brought about a story of how a community helps each other through their love and the love of God.

In What the heart sees by: Kathleen Fuller, a blind woman makes jelly and a man banned from the community for the last five years, God uses them both in forgiveness and forgetting the past. Blinded from a wreck, Elli’s heart is also blind, to a point, about forgetting the past. Destining herself to being alone, she can’t believe that Chris would actually want to be with her.

Following God, Chris returns home. Not knowing what to do, he must decide whether to ask for forgiveness from the Church or to continue on in the English world. His hardened heart starts to open up as he becomes friends with Elli, once again.

Through the love of jelly, Elli, and God, families find the forgiveness and love much needed from a haunting past event.

How often do you feel like running away from everything?

For Naaman, that is exactly what he did. Beth Wiseman shows us how quickly on can leave and come back in Healing Hearts. Leaving his family, Naaman wasn’t sure how he’d be received on his return. Yet, he had to put all his trust and faith in God.

Levina and family were not all on the same page when her husband returned; however, her faith and love for him allowed her to forgive. Growing apart from raising a family and working throughout their marriage, Levina and Naaman had to rekindle the love they once shared.

Do you ever feel that you are in a loveless marriage? Beth Wiseman tells us a story of love lost and love found once again.

Amish Love is a collection of three stories about the Amish; each lovely and worthy of reading. I fell in love with the families in these stories and wonder, myself, what it would be like to live in a community full of love and faith. In a time where our faith is constantly tested, these women show what it is like to lean on the Lord for answers and help. I hope to find more of their written works.

Publisher: Thomas Nelson; Published: December 28, 2010; Category: Fiction – Adult: Other: Christian; Format: eBook; Source: Review copy from Author/Publisher

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