May Cooler Heads Prevail by: Teri Dunnegan

What is your family worth to you? Are you close? Would you go out on a limb for them; even if murder is involved?

Most families are not as close as they once were. Today we are busier than ever; however, in the Tanner family, if you’re called upon, you better be there. Teri Dunnegan’s writes about how the Tanner family sticks together through thick, thin, and murder. May Cooler Heads Prevail is a witty, charming story. With a charismatic group of people, Dixie Turner has to leave her home and job in Little Rock, Arkansas, to travel back to her home town in Missouri. With only a piece of information about her Aunt’s involvement in a murder, Dixie must help her family find the killer.

Through “spells” or “episodes”, Aunt Connie is a hoot. She loves her brother and knows he only has her best interest at heart; yet, she wants it all over with. Trying to dodge a murderer, the sheriff, and other nosy towns-folk, the Tanners continue on their search to find out the truth.

Teri Dunnegan has written a wonderful tale of how a family should help each other. Not necessarily being investigators, but always being there when needed. With constant prayer, love, and faith, the Tanners make their way through this trial/tribulation. May Cooler Heads Prevail, is a charming and wonderful read.

Publisher: Barbour Publishing; Imprinting: Barbour Books; Published: November 1, 2010; Category: Fiction – Adult: Other: Christian; Format: eBook; Source: Review copy from Author/Publisher

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