Liberty’s Promise by: Amber Miller Stockton

How deep is your faith in the Lord? How strong is your family’s connection?

Liberty’s Promise by Amber Miller Stockton, is a Three-in-one collection of the following stories: Promises, Promises, Quills and Promises, and Deceptive Promises. Stockton’s Promises collection is about three generations in the Hanssen family. Each one a tale of faith, love, and complete trust in God.

In Promises, Promises, Raelene Strattford loses her family and must rely on the help of Fustaf Hanssen. Raelene’s stubborn personality takes her into a life of hard work and yearning. She doesn’t seem to see what is right in front of her. Finally, she realizes where her true faith and love should lay.

How long would you wait for the one you love? In Quills and Promises, Elanna Hanssen must bide her time for the handsome Major Madison Scott. Yet, at a young age, she is as curious as ever and stumbles upon a person that wants to give her his affection. Through writing and promises made, Elanna must decide who the true Major is.

No one likes being lied to; especially a girl in love. For Margret Scott, her innocence is seen and her inquisitive nature brings her to Samuel Lowe. He is a British Soldier during a time of war. He promises to see her, but will his uniform defy his true character. In Deceptive Promises, some may not be what they seem.

Amber Miller Stockton’s trilogy is a wonderful read. She brings about love, faith, and prayer, during a time of war. Her Promises are about when neighbors helped out and courting was still chaperoned. One’s virtue was gold. These three stories touch your heart and make you pray right along with the characters.

Publisher: Barbour Books; Published: March 1, 2010; Category: Fiction – Adult: Other: Christian: Women’s Fiction; Format: Paperback; Source: Purchased


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