The Parting (The Courtship of Nellie Fisher #1) by Beverly Lewis


What would you do if you had to adhere to a certain guideline and could only read certain excerpts of the Bible?

In The Parting by Beverly Lewis, the elder Amish are strict. They walk a line of doing what had been taught and what the Bishop has said. However, some are being shunned and turned away. Not because of things done and seen as “wild” or ungodly; but because they are reading other verses in the Bible and accepting Jesus as their Savior.

The Fisher family is going through a trial; the death of a child. Their sixteen year old daughter drowned and now the rumors are rampant. Was she going wild? Or was she helping turn others toward the Lord? Nellie Mae thought she knew her sister, but some things are not as simple as she once believed.

Knowing what is going on in her family; Dat is praying out loud and praying like he never has. Nellie is scared of what is coming. She loves Caleb, but he is strictly standing by others in the laws of the old ways. Nellie is unsure of what to do; she doesn’t want to lose him.

Beverly Lewis has created a lovely journey in the life of the Amish. The family pretense of following your parents and the laws set forth, it makes one wonder what would happen if you were in the same situation. Who do you follow? Your family, the one you love, or the Lord?

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers; Published: October 1, 2007; Category: Fiction – Adult: Other: Christian: Women’s Fiction; Format: Hardcover; Source: Purchased


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