Insatiable by Meg Cabot

Do you believe?

In good and evil; that something so vile can be good? The ask Meena Harper how she feels.

For Meena, each day brings about new events. Will someone change their fate today? Will someone die? Meena deals with the results of her gift in silence. She doesn’t tell the person what is about to happen; as they probably would call the psych ward quickly.

Vampires…they’re not real. Meena is sick of them.

Insatiable by Meg Cabot, is a good read. Meena is a writer for the television show, Insatiable. Being overlooked for a promotion, she now has the job of writing in a Vampire.  Hating the idea, Meena goes home for the day, only to meet the Prince of Darkness.  Lucien is a Vampire; his father was and is known world-wide. Meena can’t help but fall for him. Not knowing his secret, she agrees to a date. Little does she know that she is now the one in danger.

Meg Cabot’s novel is a bit different but still has its similarities to other vampires. The short chapters allow for a quick read. In the beginning I was a little worried that I couldn’t get into it; but, I finally did and couldn’t put it down. Even the small history lessons added to its appeal. I only wish that Cabot would have added a little more at the end.

Publisher: William Morrow; Published: June 8, 2010; Category: Fiction – Adult; Format: Hardcover; Source: Purchased

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