Trevor’s Song by Susan Helene Gottfried


When your bff has a girl and you are still alone, how does that make you feel?

Do you want a girl? Or do you just want it to be you and your bff?


Trevor Wolff is a rock star. He’s arrogant, stubborn, and just a pure donkey’s butt when he wants to be. In Trevor’s Song, Susan Helene Gottfried brings about the downside of having a best friend in love. She shows how strong that love can be and how not all women will bow down to Mr. Trevor Wolff.

Trevor isn’t the greatest in the band, but he and Mitchell have been together for years. It’s always been them and the band. They don’t do relationships. However, Mitchell is in love with Kerri and she with him. Kerri gives Trevor just as much as he gives her. She doesn’t back down and lets him know that she loves Mitchell.

Kerri knows how much Mitchell and Trevor’s friendship means to them; yet, she doesn’t push the issue. She loves Mitchell and deals with Trevor because of that love. But when she thinks something is going on with Trevor, she does the best she can to help him. Even through his derogatory comments, she still tries to help him.

In the beginning, I couldn’t stand Mr. Wolff; but, by the end, I wanted him to have it all. Susan Helene Gottfried writes a tale of friendship, love, and touring in a bus. The story kept me wanting more. Trevor’s song was a great read and I can only hope that a sequel is written.


Publisher: Susan Helene Gottfried; Published: November 12, 2010; Category: Fiction – Adult; Format: eBook; Source: Won

Special thanks to book’d out for hosting the giveaway and for Susan Helene Gottfried for the eBook!



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  1. Thanks for the review.

  2. Oh, I love it! You are awesome, lady!

    Btw, you DO know that the Demo Tapes anthologies feature more Trevor, Mitchell and Kerri. Right? I’m working on getting the third one out, and then it’ll be all about the follow-up.

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