Bad Girls of the Bible by: Liz Curtis Higgs

Are you a bad girl?

Liz Curtis Higgs book Bad Girls of the Bible brings about so many current events. Remember Lot’s wife and the fact that she looked back at Sodom and Gamorrah, makes me wonder what people are doing during this time of floods and tornados in the South. Will they turn back and try to rebuild? Will they walk away to make another life somewhere else? I think time in prayer would be the best answer to this one.

In this day and age, not many know the words “thank you”. How often are we blessed by someone else and yet all we do is just want more. I know my kids are this way; nothing is enough, they always want more. Higgs brings about the story of the “Sinful Woman” in a way that brings tears to the eye. How many times have you heard of someone being so grateful they fell down and kissed the feet of the one who had a hand in their forgiveness? I don’t recall any outside of the Bible and Higgs’s book.

Higgs has brought about simpler and more realistic stories to those of the Bible. How bad girls act and what the consequences may be. Her book is a good read and has Scripture to help back it up and research more.

Publisher: WaterBrook Press; Published: 1999, 2007 ; Category: Fiction – Adult: Other: Christian Format: Paperback; Source: Received for review from Publisher.

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