I want to take a minute and apologize for my nothingness of late. I have had several sick children, as well as a couple of family emergencies. Tomorrow, will again, be another day of hospital stay and doctors. I hope to get back to reading and reviewing soon.


Before I leave, I want to share this upcoming book tour information with you:


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Deadly Ties by Vicki Hinze

What would you do if the things that you thought you knew weren’t true?

Dr. Lisa Harper learns the truth about things from her past that she never knew; she learns that some things are not always what you remember.

In Vicki Hinze’s Deadly Ties, Lisa is trying to help abuse victims. She has not only lived through some abuse, but has lived with the fact that her mother is in an abusive marriage. Wanting to help her mom, she continually seeks God’s counsel to help her through the trials and tribulations of each day.

Mark Taylor is a former spy; a secret agent, if you may. His love for Lisa is what keeps him beside her, helping her and her mother try to come together after many years apart. However, when Lisa is abducted, he reaches out to friends for help. Through constant prayer, each person of the former spy team tracks down the people responsible.

In the end, Lisa and everyone in her town are overwhelmed at the truth behind her abduction. Many tales and truths come out and the unbelievable meanness of someone is revealed.

Deadly Ties was a wonderful read. From the beginning, Vicki Hinze kept me wanting more. This suspense filled novel was one I didn’t want to put down. We learn, through Lisa and Marks prayers, that even when the going gets tough, all you need to do is prayer for God’s help. We may not always feel it, but we have to remember that God has a reason for everything that happens.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Publisher:WaterBrook Multomah Publishers ; Published: February 8, 2011; Category: Fiction – Suspense; Format: Publisher; Source: Review copy received from Author/Publisher

A copy of this book was received from WalterBrook Multomah Publishers for free for review purposes.


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Hello world!

Hello, Everyone,

I am beginning this blog as a way to review books I read. I hope to entice you and invigorate your imagination with these books. Please feel free to leave a comment. I would also like to ask you to feel free to recommend a book or tell me if I should change something or add to it.

Please enjoy!


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